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Why Umango

Hi there!
Welcome to our team page.

As you can see throughout the website, we value team members over anything else when it comes to delivering good work.

Trusting relationships, social cohesion and individual purpose are crucial to making your team members feel motivated and more productive.
To support your team in personalised and meaningful ways, we combine:

  • behavioural science
  • AI-driven algorithms
  • data-driven insights
  • workplace analytics
  • support your team members’ daily workflow

Explore Umango

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What to expect

If you’re still not sure what to expect after learning all about Umango, then feel free to get a demo. One of our experts will walk you through the tool’s features and functionalities, and help you cherry-pick what your team needs. Because it goes without saying that your demo is 100% personalised.

Easy to use

Umango’s user interface was specifically designed to be easy for everyone, no matter how experienced or comfortable they are with technology.

Fits into your way of working

Whether you use Umango with Microsoft Teams or as a standalone application: it integrates with any way of working.
If we don’t have the right integration for your team yet, we’ll build it for you.

Supports any kind of team

No matter what kind of team you’re leading, cohesion, connection and motivation are crucial for everyone.

National or international, hybrid or co-located workforce, employees or contract workers, management teams or operations… Everybody wins.

Meet Our Team Of Experts

From our team to yours. Meet the experts that help your team stick together.

Eline Grouwels
Founding partner
Elke Struys
Founding partner
Emilio Selmanaj
Full stack developer

Recent open job position

Like what you see? Join the team! Find out if there’s a job for you.

01. Work From Home

We are an international and fully remote team- and we are promoting actively to work remotely. However- when we come together- we make sure that our gatherings are meaningful and fun!

02. Office on a Great location

We are part of the best start-up ecosystem in Belgium. This means a great start-up atmosphere and an exciting fast growing environment with lots of perspective and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

03. Shared Success

So what makes Umuango different ? The short answer is how we treat you. We celebrate the individual success of every employee, we’re just as interested in your development as our own, and we’ll absolutely push you to your limits – but never too far. We know that our company is only as good as the people who work here, so we only hire the best. Because that’s what it takes to be a Umi.

04. Company Culture

A company culture that likes to work and play hard. We like to have fun. There is no sense coming to a job everyday if you don’t like the people you work with.
An awesome, dynamic team is waiting for you! You will never get bored! We move fast as a “start-up” but have the professionalism of a billion euro company.

05. Rewards

You will have the opportunity to carve your own signature into the growth story of UmanGo. Last but not least, your salary will be in line- in order to appreciate high-performance.

Would you like to know how we process your personal data? You can find more information about this in our Privacy Statement

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