Umango | Your toolkit for managing remote workers

What is Umango

Umango unites virtual coffee break apps and water cooler software with project management tools and remote working platforms into something entirely new.

Help lead your team and company into the future with the app that puts people first. Get your numbers up by keeping your people happy.

What You need

Right now, chances are your team is missing out on some basic needs. With this toolkit, you’ll manage remote workers in a way that benefits your people as much as your company.

Watch how Umango makes it easy to connect with your team.

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Discover why Umango is the perfect toolkit for managing your remote workers.

What you’ll get

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Motivated & connected team.

Connecting your team members gives them the social cohesion they so need. It keeps them motivated and prevents burn-out and bore-out. Put your people first and make sure they want to be in it for the long haul.

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Higher productivity

Motivated team members love their jobs and do them well. The more engaged they are with their teammates and employer, the more productive they will be. You’ll love seeing your team grow happier and your performance grow better.

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Ready for the future

Getting ready for the future is more than just installing software. By handing your team tools like Umango, you encourage human interaction instead of replacing it. We only automate your (agile) way of working. Lead the way in taking full advantage of AI everywhere it counts.

How it Works

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Daily Huddle

Did you know that 15 minutes of daily huddling saves up to 1 hour a day? That’s about $9000 per worker per year. But more importantly, it fuels commitment by encouraging people to focus on their tasks of the day, stimulating collaboration and providing a daily check-in. The daily huddle fuels commitment and saves money.

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Team Input

Keep your finger on the pulse with (aptly named) pulse surveys, which encourage team members to share their ideas. Making it easy for your team to give input results in insights that usually stay hidden. It reveals:- how aligned your team is -the progress they’re making internal -team dynamics questions and insecurities -what your team needs to do their jobs and achieve objectives

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Personal Profiles

Every team member makes a personal profile they can adapt to their preferences and capacities Seeing other people’s preferences and capabilities helps team members connect with the right people and keeps easy informal contact alive. The personal profile stimulates knowledge transfer and saves time.

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Easy dashboards

The easy-to-use dashboards were designed for everyone, not just tech-savvy members of your team. Since it integrates easily with your existing workflow, people have the dashboard handy whenever and wherever they need. It lowers the threshold for collaboration and virtual coffee chats for everyone.

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